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Pte David Clemow



Dave was born on 1 September 1918, and was left as a foundling on the doorsteps of the Manly Pacific Hotel, NSW.


He lived in an orphanage until he was adopted at age 7.


He answered the call to arms on May 31 1940, and sailed from Sydney Harbour on October 20 1940, aboard the HMT Queen Mary, bound for overseas duty.


In April 1941, the 2/5 Australian General Hospital was established as a 1200 bed Base Hospital.


On 27 April 1941, 157 personnel were captured when the 2/5 AGH was overrun by the advancing German Army at Ekali, Greece. David was one of these


He was to remain a POW at Stalag XXA, Thorn Poland until his repatriation in October 1943.


After returning to Australia, he was discharged from the Army on 4 August 1944


After years of loyal service to his local RSL Club, Toukley. NSW. David passed away in Gosford Hospital on August 5, 1982.



This information and photos were submitted by Dave’s children, Brian, Penny and Marella. With permission to copy and reproduce them on the 2/5 AGH Memorabilia Disk, and the Unit Website

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