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Proudly We Served: available at The War Book Shop

If you are wishing to purchase a copy of the second edition of Proudly We Served, a History of the 2/5 Australian General Hospital 1940-1945.


Please contact Clive Baker at The War Book Shop. 


Address: 13 Veronica Street Loftus NSW 2232

Phone Orders: 0295 426 771



ANZACS of Greece Virtual War Memorial

2/5 Australian General Hospital AWM Collections

The Australian War Memorial has Upload a collection of material relating to the 2/5 Australian General hospital.

The Australian War Memorial

Museum commemorating the sacrifice of Australians who have died in war.

Biography of Colonel William Kay

Colonel Kay was posted to command the 2/5 A.G.H., A.I.F., and had the responsibility for establishing and training the Unit.

2/16th Battalion (AIF) Association

The 2/16th Battalion Association plays an important role in ensuring and promoting greater awareness, understanding and recognition of the service and achievements of the16th Battalions during the Great War and World War II.

Liberator Crash

This site is dedicated to the memory of the 11 USAAF flight crew and 62 Australian soldiers who lost their lives, and 90 Australian soldiers injured in the crash of USAAF B-24D 42-40682 'Pride of the Cornhuskers'. 

Wartime Guides Poland

Hania and Pawel are English speaking tour guides who are interested in the history of Torun during the WW II, and organise tours through Stalag XXA and the various underground forts which formed part of Stalag XXA. 

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