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Sgt Frederick Butterfield



On the 20 October 1940, aboard the Queen Mary, Fred sailed out of Sydney Harbour, bound for overseas duty.


By the 12 April 1941, the Unit had established a 1200 bed Hospital in the village of Ekali, Greece.


On the 27April 1941, the hospital was overrun by the advancing German Army, and 167 personnel were taken Prisoners Of war


Fred joined the Militia in 1936, in the 4 th Cavalry Field Ambulance, under the command of Capt. Bill Davison.


Fred attained the rank of Sergeant, and transferred to the A.I.F. in May 1940.


He was assigned to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital


Fred Enlisted on 17 May 1940 --- and was --- Discharged on 21 August 1945.


His Army service was five years and three months


He was a Prisoner Of War for two years and six months.

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