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The 2/5 Australian General Hospital (AGH) was the fifth hospital unit raised by the Australian Army in Second World War (1939 - 1945). It was formed in May 1940 to be a completely self contained 1200 bed hospital, fully equipped with operating theatres, wards, staff quarters and all ancillary equipment, together with tents to house them.


A team of surgeons, physicians, nursing sisters, physiotherapists and support staff were assembled,

and on 20th October 1940 the main body, on board the Queen Mary,

sailed out of Sydney Harbour bound for overseas duties.


During the period 1939 - 1945, over 1300 personnel served with the Unit,

which consisted of 173 male officers (this included Doctors etc), 500 women (Nurses - AANS and Nurses Aides - AAMWS)

and 630 other ranked males (including 167 taken as prisoners of war).


The Unit served in Darwin, Palestine, Greece, Crete, Eritrea, New Guinea and Morotai Island.


Medical staff from the Unit also served aboard the hospital ship Manunda and on Hospital Trains.


This site is dedicated to the memory of those who served with the 2/5 Australian General Hospital.

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