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Lieutenant Jean McIntyre (Strachan) 




On the 16 November 1942, at the tender age of twenty six, Jean enlisted in the Australian Army and was assigned to the 114 AGH. She was posted to the Goulburn Physchiatric Hospital under the command of Captain Anne Evans. Jean stayed here for some time, treating badly burnt troops returning from the war zones.


In 1944 she was transferred to the 2/5 AGH and from here led a very busy and varied period of Army nursing.


In 1945 Jean saw service on Morotai Island and in company with eleven other nurses was seconded to the 2/3 POW Recovery Group in the Philippines. Tending and evacuating walking wounded Commonwealth troops, she was awarded a medal by the Philippine Government for her services and was transported home by flying boat, leaving from Lyte through Morotai, Darwin and Rose Bay (Sydney).


In 1946 Jean was assigned to the 2/11 AGH and worked in Korea and Japan. She was discharged on the 16th August 1946. In 1950 Jean went to Japan to help with the Occupation Forces. Jean remembers working with Pat Lear, Dot Deacon, Sue Malcolm and Laura Greenwood - A wonderful service from a remarkable woman.


This story and the below photos were kindly given by Jean Strachan with permission to copy and reproduce on the 2/5 AGH memorabilia website

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