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Matron – Colonel Kathleen Best – OBE - RRC



Kathleen Best enlisted in the Australian Army on the 30 May 1940 – and served with distinction until her discharge on 2 September 1944


The Gates, erected as a commemoration of her life, hold a place of Honour at the Royal Military College - Duntroon


Kathleen Best was a first achiever:

  • The youngest Matron to serve in the Australian Army Nursing Service

  • Served in Greece as Matron of the 2/5 Australian General Hospital

  • The first Australian to be awarded the Royal Red Cross [RRC]

  • First Controller of the Australian Army Medical Womens Service

  • Became the first woman officer to become Assistant Adjutant for Womens Services.

  • Appointed in 1951 as founding Director of WRAAC [Womens Royal Auxiliary Army Corps]


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