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Cpt Les Abramovich


Leslie or Les as he preferred, was born in Perth on the 5 April 1903, and was one of six children, and commenced his education at primary and secondary schools in Perth. In 1919/1920 the family moved to Sydney to live, and Les studied medicine at the University of Sydney. He was one of the early "Prosectors" (dissectors) and is found in the 1921/22 Medical class. He graduated in 1925 with a Bachelor of Medicine and a Master of Surgery Degree. He was a good runner and sportsman and participated in many athletics programs.


In 1932 he married Pearl Israel, and they lived and he practised at Canterbury, Sydney.They had one son David, who became a doctor and performed surgery at Canterbury Hospital.


Les enlisted on the 3 March 1941, as a Captain with the 9 Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps. As Regimental Camp Officer at Dubbo, he gave evidence at the inquest of a soldier who had died in unfortunate circumstances. On the 1st May 1941 he was attached to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital, which was regrouping after being overrun by German Forces on 27 April in Greece. Among those one hundred and sixty seven taken as POWs were seven doctors and other skilled personnel. He remained with this Unit until the 29 August 1942 when he was seconded to the 2/1 Casuality Clearing Station, and on the 1 September 1942 he embarked on a Hospital Ship at Brisbane bound for Milne Bay.


After this period of Active Service in the war zones in New Guinea, on the 14-01-1944 Les arrived by plane at Townsville. He was Home.


After a short period he was placed on the Roll as a Reserve Officer and on 18 February 1944, he was given his discharge from service, but still remained on the Reserve Roll. He retired from his position as a Reserve Officer on 10 December 1946.


After his Army service he continued to practice medicine in Canterbury until his retirement. He was an avid philatelist and was renowned for his famous Australian Stamp Collection, known as the Abramovich Collection.


Les passed away in Sydney on 14 March 1973, leaving his widow Pearl, son David, and two grandchildren, Mark and Lisa.

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