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Captain Mary McAulay

NFX 34698  


Mary was born at Chatsworth Island [Maclean] on the 24 April 1910, the eldest of four children and was educated at Chatsworth Island Primary and Grafton High schools.


Mary was strongly influenced, both spiritually and culturally by her parents and relatives, who were descendents and settlers from the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland.


At age twelve, Mary suffered the loss of her mother, and assisted in the care and upbringing of her siblings.


Mary began her nursing career at Sydney Hospital, and completed Obstetrics at Crown Street, and worked in hospitals at Bowral and Kempsey.


At the outbreak of WW11, and on the 11 June 1940 - Mary enlisted for war service and was attached to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital, and with this Unit served with distinction in Greece and Palestine – against German Forces, and Morotai Island against Japanese Imperial Forces.


Mary continued to serve in the Armed Forces and was discharged on 27 March 1946.


She continued her nursing career until she retired from professional work in 1970.


Mary worked tirelessly for the Australian Red Cross -- marched faithfully with her Unit each ANZAC Day, and continued her association and commitment to St Andrews Presbyterian Church.



This information and photos were supplied by Ruth McAulay, Mary’s cousin. With permission to copy and reproduce in our 2/5 AGH records and website.


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