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Lt Myee Gray 



Myee started her training as a Nurse at the Royal Alexander Hospital for children and went on to become  very proficient in her chosen calling.


After the outbreak of World War Two Myee decided on a career as an Army Nurse, and on the  9 March 1942 was taken on Strength, and on the 9 April 1942 was attached to the 113 Australian General Hospital for further training and was then detached to the 103 AGH.


On the 23 March 1943 Myee was seconded for service with the Australian Imperial Services. (AIF), and on the 24 September 1943 was attached to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital which had recently been evacuated from the war zones in Greece and Crete, but was now serving as a 1200 bed Hospital at Bootless Bay, New Guinea.


And on the 10 October 1943 aboard the SS Canberra she and others left Sydney for Port Moresby. The Unit was to remain here until March 1944.


Myee, aboard the Ormiston arrived back at Townsville on 27 June 1944, she was home again.


In early March 1945 as the end of the was fast approaching it was decided that another Hospital Unit should be sent to Morotai Island to treat the incoming prisoners of war, being released from Japanese POW camps.


The 2/5 AGH was selected for this and on the 17 March 1945 an advance party, aboard the liberty ship John Hope left for Morotai to set up a hospital and camp.


On the 4 April 1945 the Nursing staff embarked on the Hospital ship Manunda bound for Morotai and arrived on the Island on the 18 April. Myee was one of these nurses. After the cessation of hostilities the Nursing staff was flown home 2 November 1945.


Myee was to serve with several other Hospital Units and was finally discharged from Army life on 6 February 1947, and was placed on the retirement list 16 November 1951.


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