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Captain Norma Jolly (Patterson)




Norma Frances Jolly was born in Zeehan, Tasmania, on 3 July 1912, and her family relocated to the Mainland in 1916.


Norma was educated at Mosman Public School, and after leaving decided to make Nursing her profession


At the outbreak of World War 2, Norma heeded the call for Medical Personnel to participate in the formation of Army Hospital Units.


On the 14 June 1940, Norma enlisted in the Australian Army, and was assigned to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital., a newly formed 1200 bed Hospital Unit stationed at Greta.


Norma enlisted as a Staff Nurse, and later became a member of the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) She was promoted in the Field, and finally discharged with the rank of Captain.


Norma sailed out of Sydney on the Queen Mary on a Sunday morning, 20 October 1941, and returned home again on 20 October 1945.


Norma’s theatre of service included the formation of the Unit at the Sydney Showground – Armidale – Darwin – Greece – Eritrea (Gura) – Crete - New Guinea and finally Morotai Island.


On arrival in New Guinea, Captain Jolly was appointed Assistant to Matron Lieutenant Colonel Marshall, Principal Matron for Nursing Staff on New Guinea.


A great achievement for a great lady.


The hospital at Morotai was situated almost on the Beach, and this gave the staff the opportunity to have some well deserved R & R.


Norma was present at the Surrender Ceremony of the Japanese Imperial Forces on Morotai in August 1945,

and was discharged on the 4 February 1946.



This information and photos were kindly given by Norma Patterson, (2005) for copying and reproduction on the 2/5 AGH Memorabilia Disk and the Unit Website.

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