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Pte Norman Lloyd



Norm was born on the 14 April 1919 in the country town of Narrabri, New South Wales.


On the 29 May 1940 aged 21, Norm enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces – AIF, becoming part of the 7 th Division attached to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital.


On the 20 October 1940, aboard the Queen Mary, in convoy with the Mauritania and Aquitania, and with the HMAS Perth as escort, sailed out of Sydney Harbour, bound for overseas duty.


On the 12 April 1941, the 2/5AGH established a 1200 bed hospital at Ekali, a small village in Greece.


On the 27 April, 167 personnell, who volunteered to stay behind to tend the wounded, were taken as Prisoners of War, by the advancing German Army. Norm was one of these men.


He was to remain a Prisoner of War until his repatriation in October 1943.


Norm was a Prisoner of War for two years and six months and was finally discharged on 14 June 1944


His tour of duty was four years and one month



This information and photos was given by his son, Kevin, with his permission to copy and reproduce them on the 2/5 AGH Website.

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