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Private Onagh Joan Hall (Currie)



On the 18 January 1943, one day after her 25 th birthday, Joan enlisted in the Australian Army Medical Womens Service, and was attached to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital.


Previous to this Joan worked at the Blood Bank in Sydney.


Her Army service took her to Bootless Bay, New Guinea and the island of Morotai.  It was here she helped nurse the weary soldiers coming in from Tarakan, Borneo, and Japanese Prisoner Of War camps.


Following 2 1/2 years of continuous service, Joan was discharged on 7 June 1946



Joan forged life-long friendships with those with whom she served,  and they remained loyal mates throughout the passing years, meeting on ANZAC Day and for luncheons at the City Womens Club, organised by Alice Penman – OBE.


After the war, Joan married a grazier and moved to the Mudgee district, here she raised four children and joined the local Country Womens Association., winning many prizes for her baking skills.


Widowed early in life, Joan moved back to the city and lived at Bondi for nearly 45 years.


She resumed her friendship with the ‘girls’ from her war days and became an active member of the City of Sydney Sub-Branch and Welfare Officer for the women who were attached to the 2/5 Australian General Hospital.


Joan devoted many hours to visiting women in hospital or nursing homes, writing notes and sending flowers, or visiting friends as they grieved over the loss of a husband or child. She assisted women to relocate to nursing homes. She was always available to help or comfort those in need.


Joan left a legacy of an example of loyalty, grace and service to her country, friends and family.

She embodied the spirit of the ANZAC  ----  A good mate at all times.

Onagh Joan Currie passed away in 2002, loved and respected by all those privileged to know her.



This story and photos were proudly given by her daughter Lynda, with permission to copy and reproduce them on the 2/5 AGH Memorabilia Disk and the Unit Website.

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