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Cpl Reginal Ayling



13th Field Regiment - 2/5th Australian General Hospital 


Reg commenced his military career in December 1940, as a reserve in the 48 Field Battery.


In October 1941, he enlisted in the AIF, and was assigned to the 13 Field Regiment.


On 27 December 1941, aboard the Aquatania, Reg sailed out of Sydney harbour bound for overseas duty.


On the 3 rd January 1942, they were put ashore at Port Moresby.


The 13  Field Regiment became part of the 49 th Battery, and withstood over 300 enemy raids during their defence of Port Moresby, and became known as ‘The Mice of Moresby’


Back in Australia on leave in 1943, Reg became engaged to his sweetheart Una, then set sail again on the 2/1Australian Hospital Ship, Manunda, for New Guinea, where in July 1943 he was reassigned to the 2/5  Australian General Hospital, which was established at ‘Bootless Bay’


In May 1944, aboard the ‘Montora’, Reg arrived yet again in Australia, and while here, married his sweetheart, Una.

On 17 March 1945, aboard the John Hope, Reg sailed for Morotai Island.

 He was present for the surrender of the Japanese Forces in May, and eventually sailed home, aboard the 2/2 Hospital Ship, Wanganella, on 16 November 1945.


Reg was discharged on 30 November 1945. He is the recipient of five medals, which includes The Dutch Cross, for service on Morotai Island.


In 1992, with friends, he returned to New Guinea as a tourist.



This story and photos, was kindly given by Reg in 2005, for copy and reproduction on the 2/5 AGH Website.

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