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Lt. Florence Sue Shaw (Thompson) 



Florence was known to her mates as 'Sue' and was born in Sheffield (England) on 24 March 1911.


After the outbreak of World War 2, and on 12 October 1942, Sue enlisted in the Australian Army Medical Services.


Sue was attached to several Units, assigned to specialist nursing duties and eventually joined the 2/5 AGH for the trip to Morotai Island.


It was here the returning troops, who had been incarcerated by the Japanese, received their first taste of Australian nursing for many years.


After the 2/5 AGH was decommissioned in 1945, Sue served with other hospital units and was finally discharged on 11 June 1948.


This information and the below photos were kindly donated by Sue, with permission to copy and reproduce on the 2/5 AGH memorabilia website.

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