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Captain Una Mills (Keast)



At the outbreak of World War 2, and at the tender age twenty five,  Una answered the call for Nursing Staff, and enlisted in the A.I.F. as a Staff Nurse, and was attached to 2/5 Australian General Hospital. Una later became a Captain in the Australian Army Nursing Service.


Upon enlistment on the 1 st January 1940, Una commenced her induction at the Sydney Showground.


She remembers others with her being Sisters Baxter, Beaven, Bell, Dillon, Fountain, Himmelhock, Ireland, Logan, Maher, Moss, McAuley, Nalder, Pilkington and Schaefer


Una remained with the Unit for the duration of the war, and served with the 2/5 AGH in Palestine – Greece - Eritrea - New Guinea and Morotai Island.


Una was discharged on 3 April 1946.


When the 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association was formed, Una became a staunch member, to continue forging the bonds of friendship and commarardiere with other members of the 2/5 AGH.



This story and photos were kindly given by Una Keast, with permission  to copy and reproduce on the  2/5 Memorabilia DVD and website.


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